WOSU Celebrates 90 with Expansion of Public Media

WOSU Public Media, based in Columbus, has been serving Ohio since April 1922. 2012 is a banner year for WOSU that goes well beyond any expectations for public media in 1922. There has not been a time in its history when WOSU has provided more distinctive services to its over 2 million viewers and listeners. 

WOSU now includes two public television stations and six public radio stations, along with the WOSU website where all its local programming resides for instant viewing, listening or downloading. 

WOSU’s efforts in news, public affairs and lifelong learning are diverse and widespread. The station uses all its resources to focus on the impact of the economy on local residents through its “Facing the Mortgage Crisis” project and followed that up with a series of TV and radio programs and outreach events focused on The American Graduate – the high school dropout crisis.

One of the unique offerings on WOSU is a daily two-hour local news talk program, All Sides with Ann Fisher, provided “live” on 89.7 FM NPR News and on The Ohio Channel, one of WOSU’s three digital TV channels. Ann was a long time reporter and columnist for the Columbus Dispatch newspaper before joining WOSU. All Sides provides immediate in-depth discussion about breaking issues and provides a voice for the entire community. Each show is available immediately for viewing online or through podcasts. 

A weekly roundtable discussion on WOSU TV, Columbus On The Record, has a strong following in the community and runs on our radio services. WOSU is also the central Ohio source for a variety of political debates, sponsoring and hosting multiple debates every election cycle at its unique studios at the COSI Science Center in downtown Columbus. Those studios are also used for public forums focused on the future of our distinctive, historic neighborhoods.

In 1922, the original programming on WOSU radio was dominated by faculty lectures and actual classes, extending the educational expertise at OSU to the rest of the state as part of its land grant mission. That goal remains at WOSU, as it expands its lifelong learning footprint through an ongoing television series called University Place, which has captured over 100 hours so far of the best lectures, seminars and conferences held annually on the Ohio State campus and in the Columbus community. Issues tackled range from the latest research in cancer, immigration challenges in central Ohio, early childhood learning efforts, and even a series of forums for local nonprofit leaderships.

Collaborations continue to be a key to success. In nearly every project, WOSU begins by discussing what partners might bring new expertise and knowledge to the effort. WOSU regularly partners with the COSI Science Center on projects ranging from programming on the future of NASA to an annual Controversies in Science public forum and broadcast. 

Nine decades after the visionaries at Ohio State put on the air one of the early pioneers in educational radio, WOSU continues to serve its region in unique and powerful ways with programming, outreach and educational initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives.

For more information on WOSU Public Media, visit their website.

View an episode of Columbus on the Record here: