PBS SoCal Education Expands Orange County Beyond Broadcast Television

Image result for pbs socalPBS SoCal Education is the cornerstone of PBS SoCal's educational service, providing nearly a half million K-12 students each year in over 80 percent of Orange County schools with access to materials that create a rich and exciting educational experience.

PBS SoCal Education initiative takes PBS SoCal's mission to educate Orange County beyond broadcast television. PBS SoCal Education is dedicated to supporting teachers through interactive media, professional development and online resources. PBS SoCal Education creates a collaborative environment for teachers as they integrate 21st century learning skills into standard curriculum. The initiative also supports parents and the community through outreach events featuring core PBS KIDS content.

PBS SoCal Education is taking action in Orange County schools. The program has provided training to over 6,000 Orange County teachers, giving them the support and resources to engage students with media tools in the classroom. Additional educational programs and services include the California Student Media Festival, the nation's oldest student film festival; MISSION US, an online US History Interactive; the PBS KIDS GO! Writer's Contest and PBS TeacherLine, the premier source for online professional development.

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