Maryland Public Television Offers Groundbreaking Educational Tools with Thinkport

Thinkport, a gateway to Maryland Public Television’s educational offerings, is the product of an on-going partnership between Maryland Public Television (MPT) and Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education (CTE), two of the most trusted names in Maryland education.

Thinkport is a perfect destination to access high-quality, trusted content that will inspire students and transform learning for PreK-12 teachers and students, child care providers and families. A catalog of credit-bearing online courses is provided, supporting early childhood and K-12 educators with opportunities to meet their 21st century professional learning needs. In the years since its launch, as advances in technology continue to soar, Thinkport pushes the digital envelope to make learning obtainable, equitable and fun.

For over 30 years, MPT has been a valued friend to educators and Maryland's home for PBS's beloved children's programming. But in addition to broadcasting Sesame Street and Barney and Friends, MPT has produced a rich collection of innovative digital learning experiences proven to actively engage students in building knowledge and skills. MPT produces an original educational video series, creates online resources, such as online field trips, and conducts institutes and workshops year-round for educators and child-care providers alike.

CTE is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all children and youth, particularly those who have special needs, through teaching, research and leadership in the uses of technology. Innovations developed at CTE are shaping the future of the ever-expanding relationship between media and education.

Early Childhood
Thinkport’s early childhood staff creates hands-on and digital learning activities incorporating PBS KIDS highly regarded broadcast and online resources. The team shares effective strategies and methods with child care professions in early learning and afterschool programs, parents and families in the use of these rich resources to enhance opportunities for our youngest learners. Thinkport is the state’s primary source to access online courses for child care licensing and credentialing requirements. Courses were developed in partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education/Early Childhood Development Division.

MPT has a long history of developing standards-aligned classroom resources that challenge students of all ages to deeper learning. Equally, MPT facilitates many online courses from quality partners such as PBS Teacherline and the Maryland State Department of Education, as well as original Thinkport courses developed for continuing education credit.

Community Connections
MPT can be found at museums or public libraries, in classrooms training teachers and engaging in educational activities or attending education conferences to share resources. They place a strong importance on outreach in the education community.

For more information about Thinkport, visit the website.