KUAC Brings Live Music and Conversation to Alaska Residents

KUAC of Fairbanks, Alaska, makes live music more accessible to local residents through Alaska Live. Each hour-long episode hosts live performances and conversations with both visiting and local artists in the University of Alaska Fairbanks studio. KUAC TV and KUAC FM collaborated to put together this musical television program. The episodes allow live in-studio performances that the viewers can watch as well as conversation with KUAC FM host Lori Neufeld. Alaska Live is a unique musical and television experience as this studio time is filmed. The Alaska Live YouTube channel contains many clips and full episodes from the station’s program.

For more information, visit the Alaska Live website.

Below is a full episode that brought in local artists, Marc Brown & the Blue Crew. Brown comes from the small village of Huslia, Alaska, and recently took home a Native American Music Award for Best Blues Recording with his group. Click below to watch the band in action at the KUAC studio:

The clip below is an example of the many shorter snippets found on the program's YouTube channel: