KLRN Provides a Voice for Local Veterans

KLRN, public media for South Central Texas, provides an outlet for local veterans through the program Veterans Voices. The initiative enables veterans to discuss the issues that pertain to themselves and their families when on active duty and returning home. Free educational workshops are also given to military families with a focus on emotional and physical well-being as well as academic success. In addition to the platform for discourse, San Antonio area residents and anyone who visits the website who may not have a comprehensive understanding of veterans issues and experiences can gain a glimpse of the lives of those who serve.

As many veterans return or move to the San Antonio area, the goal of the initiative is to ease the transition home and tackle some of the main issues that affect their lives. This starts with providing veterans with a platform to share their voices, the necessary resources for them and their families as they return, and a means of educating the general public to inspire knowledge and involvement. When scrolling through the interactive website connected to the initiative, viewers can find Coming Home San Antonio, a 10-part web series in which veterans share their experiences in regards to returning home. The site also includes films and projects that continue this dialogue as well as resourceful information for veterans. The many different facets of the initiative enable KLRN to tackle a national issue and discussion from a local standpoint.

To learn more about Veterans Voices, visit their website.

View a clip of from the web series, Coming Home San Antonio, here: