KET Provides Childcare Training Program and Early Childhood Literacy Initiative

The Kentucky Educational Television (KET) is the leading provider of free over-the-air educational services to residents of Kentucky. More than a million adults and children watch and use KET services each week. Being the only statewide broadcast medium in Kentucky, citizens of the state depend highly on KET’s over-the-air programming.

KET believes in the benefits of education and an educated community, therefore KET is determined to provide citizens of Kentucky with high quality educational services. In addition to programming aimed at early childhood P-12 education, KET offers adult education and professional development services to citizens of Kentucky and to teachers.

KET’s Childcare Training Program allows Kentucky’s early childhood instructors to earn credit toward state licensing requirements. Through this program participants register to view specific programs on-air and complete corresponding coursework. Two important education projects already being undertaken by KET are the Early Childhood Literacy and Family Health Literacy Initiatives.

The Early Childhood Literacy initiative is aimed at children from low-income communities. This community based program emphasizes the importance of reading aloud to young children. In addition, this initiative trains adults in the responsible use of media to prepare young children to be ready for their first year of school. KET’s Family Health Literacy Kits are designed to help adults and children understand the importance of developing healthy dietary and physical habits for life through enjoyable and engaging literacy techniques. KET is so committed to education and training that they offer education consultants that provide one-on-one consultations, in-school workshops and continuing education events. KET also partners with the Kentucky Department of Education and various early childhood professional organizations to provide Early Childhood Literacy initiative and Family Health Literacy Kits.