KCTS 9 Advocates Service and Education to the Seattle Community

KCTS 9, based in Seattle, Washington, marks the 50th anniversary of the Century 21 Exposition in When Seattle invented the Future: the 1962 World’s Fair, a one-hour documentary exploring the 1962 fair and its role in putting Seattle on the map, and putting science and technology in the minds (and hearts) of the next generation.

This April, KCTS 9 and community partners, HistoryLink.org and Seattle Center Foundation, were honored to receive a Heritage Education Award from the Association of King County Historical Organizations for Imagine: Looking Forward by Looking Back, the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair 50th Anniversary Curriculum.

KCTS 9 and Earthfix have also chronicled the largest dam removal project ever attempted in North America: the historic removal of two dams from the Elwha River, a 45-mile long river that flows from its glacial source in the Olympic Mountain Range in Washington to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Undamming the Elwha follows the journey of the Elwha River from the day it was dammed to the day it was set free once again. The project has particular significance for the Northwest tribes living in proximity to the river.

On April 17, KCTS 9 launched Public Matters with C.R. Douglasan innovative new series incorporating the entertaining and sophisticated Socratic method of hypothetical questioning. The first episode examined the controversy surrounding same sex marriage. The second episode, which will air in August, explores the issues surrounding gun control.

In Prescription for Abuse, KCTS 9 and InvestigateWest report on the alarming increase in prescription-drug abuse in Washington State, looking at doctors who over-prescribe, the lack of regulation or treatment options, and how this epidemic is affecting teenagers, seniors and middle-class families.

Since 1954, KCTS 9 has been dedicated to serving the community from its educational documentaries to its informative series on health and public affairs.

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