KBYU Eleven Helps Residents Prepare For Disaster in Just 20 Minutes

KBYU Eleven, a public media service of Brigham Young University and broadcasting to residents of Utah, is using interactive technology to promote public safety for disaster awareness and preparedness with 20 to Ready. Through tasks that take no more than 20 minutes and with the goal to make the community prepared for and knowledgeable about what to do in an emergency, KBYU Eleven broke down the various facets into segments for Utah residents to click through and watch. Each video and activity takes the user through what to do in the case of an unexpected event. Whether there are wildfires or spring floods, it covers questions on how to prepare for certain conditions, lack of electricity and communication plans if a family is separated. It is all about briefly taking precaution now to have a plan set in place.

On the station's 20 to Ready website, links are organized by subject that take the visitor to each of the videos. Additionally, there are links to guides, preparedness resources and important government information websites.

Below, view a clip in which 20 to Ready takes the viewer through the many scenarios of making a plan to be prepared in the event of a disaster:

Here, the initiative goes through how to prepare paperwork, insurance coverage and records:

Another video shows how to prepare children so they know what to do in the case of a disaster: