Iowa Public Television Covers Local Agriculture Industry With Weekly Program

Iowa Public Television explores the vast agricultural industry in Iowa on their weekly program, Market to Market. For more than four decades, Iowa Public Television's Market to Market has covered the issues affecting the nearly $1 trillion business of agriculture, explaining the issues faced by the nearly 60 million people who live and work in rural America.

Market to Market is hosted by Delaney Howell and highlights current events in the agricultural industry across Iowa and rural America. Market to Market features 13 analysts that cover different fields of agriculture, all adding valuable insight to a diverse industry. Market to Market’s team of experienced analysts has a long history of providing expert analysis of the major commodity markets and delivering insight into trends and strategies that help producers and processors cope with changing times. Topics of the program include: commodity markets, environment, economy, weather and climate.

On top of the regularly aired program, Market to Market has showcase programs called Market Plus, Market Analysis and a feature program. Market Analysis is a weekly analysis of the commodity markets by one of the independent analysts. Market Analysis discusses on market trends in various commodities. Market Plus is an extra segment of Market Analysis where the analysis answer any remain questions garnered via social media. Lastly, the feature or Cover Story is an in-depth look at an issue or trend that affects rural America.

Market to Market airs every Friday at Iowa Public Television. Full episodes and podcasts can be found on their website.

Watch a episode here: