Idaho Public Television Receives ABA's Silver Gavel Award for The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho

Idaho Public Television is proud to accept the 2012 Silver Gavel Award for The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho as one of four recipients for Media and the Arts from the American Bar Association. The award will be presented at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on July 17. Marcia Franklin is the producer, writer and host of the documentary; Jay Krajic is the videographer/editor.

"We are truly gratified to have The Color of Conscience selected as one of only four Silver Gavel awardees by the American Bar Association. It is a privilege to work with gifted storytellers like Marcia Franklin and Jay Krajic," says IdahoPTV General Manager Peter W. Morrill.

In the documentary, Idaho Public Television looks into the past 30 years of racial and cultural relations within the state, and the development of the modern human rights movement in Idaho. It features a small concerned group’s story who fought against the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi group that set up an entire compound in Idaho. The film also examines some of the current human rights issues in Idaho, such as gay rights, immigrant rights and hate crimes, and how the Idaho community works to overcome their reputation as “a haven for hatemongers”.

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