Idaho Public Television Keeps Idaho Residents Engaged through Idaho in Session

Idaho Public Television is committed to ensuring that residents of Idaho can stay engaged in the operations of their local government through Idaho in Session. Idaho in Session extends Idaho Public Television's long-standing commitment to airing live gavel-to-gavel coverage of Idaho House and Senate floor action via over-the-air broadcast, on cable via Idaho Public Television’s Learn/Create and World channels, and via live streams online here.

Cameras installed in the chambers of the House and Senate capture the floor action for live broadcast/streaming only. Anyone in Idaho with over‐the‐air reception of IdahoPTV’s four digital channels can watch the gavel‐to‐gavel action from the Idaho House (Learn/Create Sub‐Channel 3) and Senate (World Sub‐Channel 4). These channels are also carried by CableONE in southwestern Idaho, Time Warner cable systems in Moscow and Pullman, Washington, and some additional cable systems in the state.

The C‐SPAN‐like coverage also includes budget presentations to the Joint Finance‐Appropriations Committee (JFAC). Other committee hearings may be streamed online only — sometimes with video, sometimes audio only, depending on the Statehouse hearing room being used.

Idaho in Session is a collaborative effort among Idaho Public Television, the Idaho Department of Administration and the Legislative Services Office. Operational funding is provided by grants from the Idaho State Broadcasters Association, Idaho Association of Counties and Idaho Public Television Endowment.