Local Public Television Stations Elect New Members to the Board of Trustees of the Association of Public Television Stations

WASHINGTON—April 3, 2011— The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) announced the recent election of four new members of its Board of Trustees. APTS also announced that three current board members will return for their second terms.

The newly-elected professional trustees are Joe Bruns, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of WETA, the public television and radio joint licensee serving the nation’s capital region, and Ted Krichels, General Manager of Penn State Public Broadcasting. Each was elected to a three-year term. The APTS membership also re-elected Polly Anderson, President and CEO of KNME in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a second term as professional trustee.

Mr. Bruns has more than 12 years of public broadcasting experience and more than 20 years in broadcasting. At WETA, he has been engaged in every aspect of operations as the station has grown in strength as a local radio and television station and into a major national producer. Mr. Bruns currently serves as co-chair of the Public Television Major Markets Group’s committee on Spectrum Reallocation.

In addition to serving as General Manager, Mr. Krichels is also the Associate Vice President for Public Media at The Pennsylvania State University, and is currently chairing the Editorial Integrity Project, seeking to articulate an editorial vision for public media in today’s world.

The newly-elected lay trustee is Dr. Jo Ellen Chatham, President of the KOCE-TV Foundation, which owns and operates PBS SoCal, and Director of Public Affairs for the Southern Region of the Southern California Edison Company. Dr. Chatham is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Symphony, the Orange County Business Council, CleanTech OC and the Orange County Forum where she serves as Vice President for the Executive Leadership Series.

The APTS membership also re-elected Dorothy Pacella, executive director, Friends of Thirteen Inc., New York, and Gail Sande, member of the Public Television station, KNPB Board, Reno, Nevada, to their second terms as lay trustees.

The APTS Board also elected Pat Moody, Executive Vice President of the Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He is also the host of the “Moody in the Morning” radio show on WSJM & WIRX Radio, where he is a radio talk show host, morning news anchor and morning drive-time air personality.

About APTS
The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) is a nonprofit membership organization established in 1979. The mission of APTS is to conduct - in concert with member stations - advocacy, planning, research and communications activities in order to achieve strong and financially sound noncommercial television and advanced digital services for the American people. APTS provides leadership and information to help our members better accomplish their own missions and goals. APTS promotes the legislative and regulatory interests of noncommercial television stations at the national level through direct advocacy, and grasstops and grassroots campaigns designed to garner congressional support. For more information, visit www.apts.org.

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