APTS Recognizes Twin Cities Public Television for the Minnesota Channel, a Local Initiative with Groundbreaking Partnerships

WASHINGTON — February 25, 2013 — The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) today presented Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) with a 2013 EDGE Award for the Minnesota Channel (MN Channel), which features a variety of local programming, with groundbreaking local partners, that are from or about Minnesota and its close neighbors. The EDGE Awards, presented annually to public television stations, highlight excellence in the use of technology, groundbreaking partnerships and other pioneering work in public television.

In 2003, tpt envisioned dedicating a full-time DTV channel to sharing the power of public television with exceptional nonprofit, public service partners all across Minnesota. Since then, the MN Channel has proven to be an unparalleled success, creating nearly 700 mission-centered programs in partnership with over 235 nonprofit and public service partners.

The MN Channel delivers the best in local and regional public television, every day, all day long. Programs can take many forms, including: speeches and lectures, town hall meetings, debates, concerts and performances, interviews and documentaries. Programs are available statewide through the Minnesota Public Television Association (MPTA). This year, tpt will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the MN Channel.

“I am delighted to present the 2013 EDGE Award to Twin Cities Public Television for the Minnesota Channel, an extraordinary partnership between public television and the nonprofit community in Minnesota,” said Patrick Butler, president and CEO of APTS. “Jim Pagliarini’s leadership has transformed the role of tpt in its local community, addressing the most important issues in Minnesota with the depth and breadth Minnesotans – and their fellow Americans -- expect of public broadcasting.”

“When we decided to reframe our local programming strategy to be primarily of service to other organizations who shared our mission and purpose--to help them use the power of media to advance their missions--I never imagined it would become as successful as it has,” said Jim Pagliarini, president and CEO of Twin Cities Public Television. “Today, tpt is producing more local programming than ever in its history, and doing as a partner and collaborator, not as an arms-length removed broadcaster.”

This past year the MN Channel produced over 130 hours of new local programming - including 74 programs co-produced with organizations large and small, all devoted to improving the quality of life in the local communities throughout Minnesota.

The EDGE Award was presented to Twin Cities Public Television during The APTS Public Media Summit on Monday, February 25.

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