FCC Officials To Speak at APTS Summit

Journalist John Eggerton from Broadcasting & Cable recently published, “Noncoms to Get Brief From FCC Auction/Repack Experts.”

The article explains that on February 27, at America's Public Television Stations Public Media Summit in Washington, D.C., “An A team of FCC auction, repack and ATSC 3.0 experts will brief noncommercial broadcasters, at the America's Public Television Stations Public Media Summit.”

The panel will include: Media Bureau chief Michelle Carey; Incentive auction task force deputy chief Jean Kiddoo and Deputy Chief Hillary DeNigro, and task force senior advisor Charles Meisch.

Eggerton explained that the officials are likely to be asked about how the reimbursement process is going and when there might be another tranche of money. APTS has suggested it could use a second tranche ASAP; however, the FCC has made it clear that beyond that initial $1 billion allocation, until it sees phase one stations getting close to using up their allocation, it does not have a burning desire to launch another tranche.

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