Extreme Weather Brings Uncertainty to Broadcast TV Signal Shuffle

Bloomberg DNA published an article recently by journalist Kyle Daly, “Extreme Weather Brings Uncertainty to Broadcast TV Signal Shuffle.”

This article is an explanation how extreme weather has the power and potential to readjust the timelines for the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction repacking process, and push back major airwaves moves.

“Winter is coming, and it’s very difficult to get those tower crews up there, and get them up there safely for the conditions we know are coming, let alone the unanticipated ones, like the hurricanes. It’s very concerning,” said Patrick Butler, President and CEO of America’s Public Television Stations (APTS).

Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria all have the possibilities to delay the ten-part broadcast “repack” that is scheduled to take 39 month. Nevertheless, as a collective, Presidents and CEO of many organizations are confident that the FCC or Congress will adjust deadlines accordingly to ensure that viewers are not disenfranchised from access to lifeline local TV programming.

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