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The Grant Center for Public Media’s database contains approximately 500 federal and foundation grant profiles. It is a resource available to Grant Center members only. Click here to learn more and sign up. Not sure if you’re a member? Email us.

To search our database, visit, and select “Find Grants.

From there, you can search by various categories:

  • State, including national.
  • Topic area.
  • Federal agency.
  • Federal or Foundation.
  • Whether the grant is closed, open, rolling or upcoming.
  • Keyword.

You can search by as many or as few categories as you choose. Each drop-down menu has multi-select capabilities for easily adding and removing categories. You can also save your frequent searches by clicking Save. Saved searches can be found in the drop-down menu above the search categories.

When you are ready to search, click the red Search button.

Your results will appear below. Each result consists of a link to the grant profile as well as a teaser containing basic information about the grant. You can also sort grants by deadline.

Click on the grant name to learn more about it, including:

  • Fit for public media.
  • Deadline.
  • Anticipated funding.
  • How to Apply.
  • And more!

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