Planning for Education Innovation: A New CPB Grant Opportunity

Grant Center for Public Media Webinar
Held Thursday, March 15, 2018

On this webinar, we discussed Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) new Education Innovation Planning Grants, how they can help your station engage in new thinking, deepen understanding of your communities, and develop new or augmented strategies for working with partners to address challenges identified by your community. Up to $500,000 is available in funding through this program, and CPB plans to make 50 awards of up to $10,000 to each successful applicant. This planning grant will help stations prepare larger, long-term innovative proposals for consideration in subsequent grant competitions to follow. Learn more in CPB's press release.

We were joined by Debra Sanchez, who discussed guidelines and expectations around the grant, and answered questions from participants. In addition, we also heard from stations that received a similar planning grant from the Ready To Learn Initiative about their experience in how they used the funds and about the lessons learned during the planning grants.

Debra Tica Sanchez, Senior Vice President of Education and Children's Content Operations at CPB
Brian Callahan, Chief Education Officer at WHRO
Alyssa Tsagong, Director of Education at Wisconsin Public Television

Download the slides
CPB's Education Innovation Planning Grants website
Download the RFA in PDF format
The Grant Center's Education Innovation Planning Grants profile (available to members only)
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To submit further questions about this grant opportunity, email Fiona Macintyre. Deadline for submitting questions is April 6, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. ET.

View the session below: