Panel on Public Television's Role in Disaster Warning and Recovery at 2018 Summit


Public Television's Role in Disaster Warning and Recovery
Public television stations have created effective partnerships with local and State law enforcement, emergency management and first responder organizations to enable those agencies to communicate reliably with one another and with the public when crises arise. This panel discussed television-based public safety initiatives and the resilience of our system in the face of disasters. Moderated by Craig Fugate, former FEMA Administrator and Florida Emergency Management Director, and APTS At-Large Trustee.

  • Art Botterell, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator - Public Alert and Warning, California Governor's Office of Emergency Services
  • Red Grasso, Director of FirstNetNC
  • Fred Engel, Senior Director of Technology, UNC-TV
  • Tanya-Marie Singh, CEO, WTJX, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

View Red Grasso and Fred Engel's slides.

View Tanya-Marie Singh slides.