Lakeland Public Television Provides Its Community With Educational Programming and Services

Lakeland Public Television (LPTV) plays a vital role in providing its community with educational programming and services. In the rural northern and central Minnesota communities served by LPTV serves, citizens in over half of the combined coverage area have no access to any other over-the-air television broadcast service or cable television. In addition, this particular area of the state does not have one town with a population over 15,000 citizens.

The families in LPTV’s service area face daunting economic challenges. Due to the high unemployment rate in this area, the LPTV service area is one of the poorest in the country. This community consists of a large Native American population while over half the children in K-12 schools qualify for either free or reduced school lunches due to the low average family incomes. Through newscast such as Lakeland News and Lakeland Currents, LPTV is providing much needed free over-the-air television to an economically depressed area.

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