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You can always reach us by emailing Read on to learn more about our staff and how they can help you meet your goals.

Meegan White, Project Director
Phone: 202-654-4214

Meegan has been connecting public television stations with federal funding opportunities since 2000 and is thrilled to expand the work of the Grant Center to all public television and radio stations. Meegan coordinates the different areas of the Grant Center’s work, liaises with federal agencies and works with the national organizations to maximize the impact of the Grant Center. Contact Meegan with questions about federal grant trends and policies, national initiatives and ways to work with the Grant Center.  You may also contact Meegan to request custom prospect research or to be connected with a grantwriter for hire.

Anthony Collebrusco, Research Associate
Phone: 202-654-4207

Anthony has a background in media research and experience working in public broadcasting in Melbourne, Australia. As a research associate for the Grant Center, he assists with connecting stations with federal grant opportunities as well as coordinating webinars and contributing to the monthly newsletter. Contact Anthony with questions about federal grants, webinars or the website.