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WHUT Launches Fall Season of Let's Talk Education

WHUT, serving the Washington DC area, has launched their Fall season of Let’s Talk Education. Let’s Talk Education is a half-hour roundtable discussion on issues facing today’s educational system. Hosted by Molette Green, guests range from educators and administrators, to authors, philosophers, newsmakers and community organizational members whose works offer insights into the local educational community.

The fall 2011 season includes an array of topics important to the local community:

  • Educating Our Young African-American Men: Challenges and Triumphs
    Studies have shown that by the fourth grade, many African-American boys fall behind in the classroom. Some statistics show that most black men don’t graduate from high school, which can often lead to a life in and out of the criminal justice system, unwed fatherhood and even an early death. This program will focus on the closing the achievement gap, the critical need for mentors and the importance of social influences in a young black man’s life
  • Global Education: The New Movement in Urban Schools
    In today’s society, we live and interact with people all over the world, and many schools are adopting a global education curriculum. The growing diversity in urban schools and cities is the perfect opportunity to embrace a global education experience. This episode will talk about those opportunities and how programs are reaching out to students of color to participate.
  • Storycorps: Using Oral History to Educate a Generation
    The richness of storytelling can be found in every community and culture. Throughout history  storytelling has been used to document life’s lessons and celebrations. Storycorps will take a look at one organization that recognizes the power and value in the stories of everyday people and how incorporating those stories can educated, enlighten and illuminate today’s society.

For more information, visit the Let’s Talk Education website here.


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