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WFSU Gets Involved in Their Local Ecosystem and Expands the Knowledge of Thousands

The Florida coast is much more than a nice vacation spot. For people who live there, they are enjoying the benefits of a healthy ecosystem from environments like oyster reefs, salt marshes and seagrass beds. WFSU, based in Tallahassee, Florida, is taking a deeper look at the ecosystem and how predators affect the health of these habitats and the services they provide. WSFU's In the Grass, On the Reef is an ecology blog on the “science and culture of the forgotten coast” and the coastal health. This blog site provides educational information pertaining to any aspect of the coasts wildlife and natural environment.

In the Grass, On the Reef has also created three full length documentaries. "EcoShakespear," "Oyster Doctor," and Testing the Ecology of Fear."  Testing the Ecology of Fear was the first documentary of the initiative, following the biogeographic oyster study headed by Dr. David Kimbro, Dr. Randall Hughes and their associates. The study is funded by the National Science Foundation, covering 1,000 kilometers from Florida to North Carolina; however, this documentary is specific to Florida.

WFSU is also proud to provide a safe harbor for kids to watch television throughout the weekdays. The Florida Channel, a statewide program service operated by WFSU, is a national leader in covering state government. One impressive series, called Dimensions, is a half-hour weekly program that highlights groups and event that don’t otherwise have venues to get their messages out.

WFSU provides television programming to more than 404,000 households in north Florida and south Georgia, and will continue to expand on air, on the web, and on the ground.

For more information on WFSU, visit their website.

View the In the Grass, On the Reef: “Testing the Ecology of Fear” documentary here:


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