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UNC-TV Examines the Successful Revitalization of Rural Communities in North Carolina

For the past two years, UNC-TV has presented a series of in-depth reports as part of its North Carolina Rising initiative, profiling successful grassroots revitalization projects in North Carolina’s rural communities struggling to redefine their economies after years of dependence on tobacco farming, manufacturing, and other activities that may no longer be viable. 

Here are just a few of the stories from North Carolina Rising :

  • Avoca Farms in Bertie County, one of the poorest counties in the state, is pioneering an effort to transform this formerly tobacco-dependent region into a center of biotechnology industrialization, inspiring innovation, and renewing confidence in this struggling region.
  • Gaia Herbs in Transylvania County, an area crippled by the decline of the domestic textile and paper industries, is thriving on the site of an old cattle farm, providing organic products for today’s consumers.
  • Clean Burn Fuels in Hoke County is North Carolina’s first corn-based ethanol plant.  Located in the depressed rural community of Raeford, the company serves the growing biofuels market and provides a boost to local economic development efforts, creating 50 new jobs in its first year of operation, with plans to eventually add another 50.

Find out more about North Carolina Rising at the program website.


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