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Southern Remedy: Mississippi Public Broadcasting's Flagship Wellness Show

Mississippi Public Broadcasting, based in Jackson, Mississippi, has an exciting community outreach project called Southern Remedy. The local program is Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s flagship wellness show dedicated to keeping Mississippians healthy. It started as a weekly radio program featuring a doctor from the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Over the past two years, the program has expanded to include regular television specials and community engagement activities.

One main focus of Southern Remedy has been Mississippi’s obesity epidemic. On Mississippi's Big Problem, Dr. Rick deShazo digs into the biggest crisis facing Mississippi in many years. He and his team travel the state to find out why obesity is such a problem. Can anything be done, or is the state destined to be overweight and unhealthy? Through MPB’s partnership with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Mississippi Public Broadcasting has developed healthy living materials that are being distributed around the state. On the Southern Remedy website one can also find several weight loss tools, such as the Weight Management Program, Southern Remedy Recipe Substitutions and even a Body Mass Index Chart.

This year Mississippi Public Broadcasting expanded the television series to focus on teen pregnancy. Mississippi has the highest number of teen births in the nation. Southern Remedy: Premature Parenthood explores teen pregnancy through interviews and stories with teen mothers, educators, physicians, community leaders and government officials. Dr. Rick deShazo not only examines the severity of the situation and its effect on the state but also goes beyond the statistics to showcase the individuals affected most by teen pregnancy. Southern Remedy: Premature Parenthood explores teen pregnancy through five consecutive nights of coverage. From profiles of teen moms, to information on sex education legislation, to a discussion of the role of religion, the series provides a comprehensive look at the crisis.

For more information, visit the Southern Remedy website.

You can watch a video clip of Southern Remedy: Premature Parenthood here:


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