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ValleyPBS's Valley's Gold Continues Awareness of Agriculture

ValleyPBS, in partnership with Fresno County Farm Bureau, continues to broadcast their popular weekly series, Valley’s Gold, taking a behind-the-scenes look on Fresno, California's agricultural system. Valley's Gold is a weekly series that presents a behind-the-scenes look at the economic engine that drives the region's agriculture. Viewers will experience the ins and outs of how to plant, harvest and even cook some of their locally-grown produce.

The show is hosted by Fresno County Farm Bureau’s own CEO, Ryan Jacobson, which emphasizes ValleyPBS’s focus on local people and products. Jacobson said, “California farmers and ranchers are amazing. Valley’s Gold helps consumers understand how crops are produced and processed by providing a behind-the-scenes look at the industry.  Viewers will gain knowledge of how important the agricultural industry is and the role it plays in their diet.”

Through the Valley’s Gold series, Jacobson shares the voices of both small scale farmers and well-known food and plant production companies, raising awareness of how everything that goes into the agricultural system impacts the public’s everyday lives. ValleyPBS is the perfect home for the series and the station is excited to help promote agriculture as a vital part of Fresno County and the surrounding regions.

Take a look at the video posted below for a preview of season three of Valley’s Gold.


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