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Public Media Celebrates Beverly Lundquist

L-R: Dorothy Pacella (Friends of Thirteen/WNET and National Friends of Public Broadcasting),
John Lundquist, Beverly Lundquist, Rick Johnson (General Manager, WGCU),
Paula Kerger (President & CEO, PBS), Lonna Thompson (Executive VP, COO and General Counsel, APTS)
and Anne Lundquist (daughter)

On June 8, 2016, WGCU hosted a luncheon celebration to honor Beverly Lundquist for her extensive work in support of public media for more than 35 years.

Beverly is a member of the Public Media Advisory Board of WGCU in Fort Myers, Florida. She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Friends of Thirteen, Inc., since its incorporation in 1987 and was elected Chairman in June 2003. In 2006, Beverly was elected as Life Director. Currently, she is Chairman Emeritus of National Friends of Public Broadcasting (NFPB) having served as Vice Chairman 1992-1994 and Chairman 1994-1999 as well as Chair of the NFPB Scholarship Committee 1992-2000. America's Public Television Stations (APTS) elected her to its Board as a lay trustee in February 1999 and she served two terms. 

Beverly has an extensive background in volunteering to support the mission of public broadcasting and has been recognized by several awards for her achievement.

L-R: Dorothy Pacella (Friends of Thirteen/WNET and National Friends of Public Broadcasting),
Beverly Lundquist, Paula Kerger (President & CEO, PBS) and
Lonna Thompson (Executive VP, COO and General Counsel, APTS).



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