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KAET Helps Arizona Families With Ask An Expert

Recognizing the fact that Arizona is listed in the top five states for rate of foreclosure, KAET was motivated to do what they could to help their viewers, many of whom were being extremely hard hit by the national economic crisis. Using national PBS programs and funding support, in-kind staff time from many state and nonprofit organizations, and funding from local companies, KAET reached out to all areas of their state with important information and resources. Through workshops, local call-in programming and events, they not only educated the public on assistance options but they also provided in hand resources by the distribution of 2000 information filled backpacks.

This outreach project began with KAET's ‘Ask an Expert’ call-in program. Tying in work on the Facing the Mortgage Crisis project presented pertinent information about the Mortgage Crisis in Arizona which has one of the highest rates of foreclosure in the U.S. The program was so successful that they re-aired it three months later. The station established a webpage as a companion to the program which now hosts resource links and episode playback.

Facing the Mortgage Crisis spring-boarded the station into the Families Stand Together project. They worked with many of the same partners including 17 Child Abuse Foundation Councils across the state. Screenings and workshops gave participants tools for coping with dramatic change such as losing a home or job.

As the momentum grew around these projects, which focused on helping families facing financial crisis, the Eight Educational Outreach/ASSET staff was prompted to develop the “Qwest School Success for the Entire Family Backpack" project. Volunteers and staff filled 2000 backpacks that in turn would promote success for approximately 10,000 children. Items included in the backpacks helped the youngest learners with kindergarten readiness, and older siblings with reading, math and science homework tips.

In addition materials focusing on prevention were also included. Sesame Street’s Families Stand Together and tips from the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium and its members provided information for parents and caregivers to help deal with difficult issues together as a family and get assistance when needed.

KAET is continuing the momentum through the Equal Voice project. Part of what they have accomplished, to date, has been a session on Equal Voice with their Educator Institute where they offered information to help attendees understand the people and families they work with every day. And to give them insight into what their students face at home.

Below is KAET's 'Ask A Mortgage Expert,' which includes a panel who explores the issues closest to homeowners who are threatened with foreclosure, including how to negotiate with the lender if you’re in danger of missing payments, how to handle phone calls and notices from lenders, and most importantly, when to seek assistance.

For a complete list of all of KAET's 'Ask An Expert' programs, click here.



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