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For over 40 years, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), a nonprofit corporation created by Congress in 1967, has received two-year advance appropriations, distributed directly to local public broadcasting stations, establishing a firewall that insulates programming decisions from political influence, enables the leveraging of funds to ensure a successful public-private partnership, and provides stations with the necessary lead time to plan and produce in-depth educational programming conforming with State standards.

Funding for CPB allows public broadcasting stations to provide America's communities with a wide array of unique, high-quality, innovative content, community outreach and services.


  • Local public broadcasting stations request the continuation of the two-year advance appropriation for CPB.
  • Local public television stations request level funding of $445 million in advance funding for CPB.
  • Level funding for CPB will allow local stations to continue serving their diverse audiences on-air, online and on-the-ground in their communities. Stations will continue to be the most trusted, local providers of vital information and public service, particularly in the areas of education, public safety and civic leadership. 


CPB's annual two-year advance appropriation is an essential part of public television's success in pursuing its public service missions of education, public safety and civic leadership.

President Gerald Ford first proposed an advanced-funding mechanism for CPB in 1976 to insulate programming decisions from political influence. Congress reduced President Ford's request from a five-year advance to a two-year advance and has maintained this advanced-funding regime for 40 years, with excellent results. 

At the national programming level, producers such as Ken Burns work with very long lead times to develop the educational programming that the American people value so highly. Between now and 2020, public television will broadcast Ken Burns' specials and series on the history of the Vietnam War, Ernest Hemingway and the history of country music. 

It would be impossible to produce such programs, and create the standards-based, curriculum-aligned educational components that accompany them, without the assurance of advance funding, which also helps stations create local programs and services to tie into these national productions. 

At the local level, CPB advance funding is essential to stations' ability to leverage the federal investment to attract six times as many resources from State, local and private contributors to support our education, public safety and civic leadership missions. 

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