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Updated Model Channel Sharing Agreement, (06/15/15)

To:            APTS Members
From:       Lonna Thompson, APTS
                 Jonathan Mark, APTS
Date:        June 15, 2015
Re:           Updated Model Channel Sharing Agreement

APTS Members,

In December of 2014 we sent you a Model Channel Sharing Agreement intended to provide a starting point and general ideas on the issues involved in a channel sharing arrangement. Since then, the FCC has provided greater clarity with respect to channel sharing requirements.

As a result, we have provided an updated model agreement, which is attached to this note. The updated agreement was diligently prepared by Eric DeSilva and Jessica Rosenthal of Wiley Rein LLP. As with the previous model agreement, neither Wiley Rein nor APTS intends the updated model agreement to serve as legal guidance on channel sharing arrangements. Rather, the document should serve as a template to add or delete information that is relevant for the individual station’s needs and an overview of how the arrangement might be structured.

We hope that this document will provide helpful support to our member stations as you explore possible opportunities during the FCC’s spectrum auction process.

>> Click here to download the updated model agreement <<