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Public Media Organizations Receive Documentary Grants from MacArthur Foundation

August 2017. The MacArthur Foundation announced $5.7 million in grants, including $1.8 million for public broadcasting consortia.
Bridgespan and Ford Foundation’s Grantmaking Pyramid Hopes to Shift Focus to Building Organizational Capacity

August 2017. New findings indicate that many nonprofits face financial shortfalls, suggesting that funders should focus more on organizational health rather than programs.
Public Media Organizations Receives NEH Awards for Documentary, Educational Resources and More

August 2017. NEH has announced a new round of awards. Public media and documentary projects were among the winners.
NEA Announces New Report on the State of the Documentary Field, Webinar Series

August 2017. Public broadcasters are encouraged to attend NEA's upcoming webinar series for the latest news from the documentary field.
How President Trump’s Proposed FY 2018 Budget Would Impact Funding in Public Media

July 2017. This article looks at the President's FY 2018 budget: its proposed impact on grant programs, its current status and outlook for the future.
Public media organizations receive NEA grants to support radio, television programming and more

June 2017. Congratulations to all public media organizations who received grants from NEA’s second round of FY 2017 funding.
Grant Center Sponsored Sessions at PMDMC 2017 in San Francisco

June 2017. Learn more about Grant Center sponsored sessions at PMDMC in San Francisco.
APTS Encourages Stations to Meet with SPOCs and Promote Public Television’s Role in Public Safety

June 2017. APTS recently held a webinar about FirstNet and shared resources to help stations play a role in the national rollout. Click here to learn more.
The Grant Center's Prospect Guide for Journalism Funding

May 2017. The Grant Center has produced a new resource to help stations find journalism funding from foundations.
WHUT Receives Thirteen Community Engagement Grants

May 2017. WHUT has received thirteen grants to conduct outreach around early childhood education in their community. Click here to learn more.


The Use of Evidence in Education Funding Decisions
This webinar, held on April 4, 2017, focused on how stations can effectively incorporate evidence into funding applications.
The Grant Center's Annual Federal Budget Webinar: Update on FY 2017 and Outlook for FY 2018
Watch our annual webinar focused on the federal budget and its impact on stations, held June 15, 2017.


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